The Hardware, the Software and the Casing

When we meet someone, particularly for the first time, we usually observe their looks or their clothes. In terms of comparison with a machine, I call these traits the hardware and the casing of the machine, respectively.

Hardware is something nobody has a control over. It is given by nature and this is what everyone can see in that person. Also, it does not tell us much about that person.

On the other hand, the casing is selected by the persons themselves. The casing (clothes) is also a commonly used metric to judge a person. Like the hardware, anything that is visible from outside is easier to employ for this purpose. However, this does not give in-depth information about that person beyond a certain level as well.

In my opinion, these are shallow ways of judging a person. When I meet someone, I try to look into their eyes and try to know what their philosophy and depth of thinking are. This I term as the software loaded into their head. This software is written by decades of experiences, first with the family, then with the society outside, teachers, schools, friends, and so on. More importantly, add to this what a person reads and watches that are even more important factors in determining the software installed in their heads.

Hardware and casing, no matter how diverse they become, still come from a finite set. On the other hand, there are infinitely many ways to modify/adapt/improve/impair the software installed. Finally, this software can largely be tested by talking to them only. Never judge a person from the hardware or the casing. Try to sample their software and see how it goes.

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