Formal vs Informal Clothes

Formal wear

It seems common knowledge that professionals wear business suits in work settings, meetings and conferences. Any less than that and the person seems to have a non-serious attitude about work. On the other hand, engineers and programmers are often known to wear shorts and T-shirts at work without even closed toe shoes.

So this is the question faced by many young entrants to the job market: What should they wear in a professional setting? Is it true that all engineers or technical persons should wear informal clothes while all lawyers, accountants and general office workers should go down the formal route? The answer is not that simple.

Here is what you should actually do. Looking back at your life, one can easily figure out whether you have been hovering around an average mark, plus or minus some threshold. If that is where you reside, then it is good to start with a formal wear at work and gradually adapt to whatever the culture is around your workplace.

On the other hand, if you are truly brilliant proved by your previous results (instead of simply having a grander self image in your mind), then wear whatever you want. The world around is largely based on knowledge economy and every new bit of information and/or new angles into looking at old stuff provides a competitive advantage to the firms. As long as you provide great results, it is unlikely that you will be judged based on your attire. In fact, wearing the same kind of ‘uniform’ as everyone else might actually suffocate your brain. Since being different in every day activities boosts creativity, you might be able to provide even more value in the longer run.

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