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Due to the coronavirus, most schools and universities have quickly shifted their teaching programs online and the students have this tough task of actual learning in a non-physical environment for the first time. Over time, you will go back to your institutions but life would have changed by then. In this situation, while most of you would have realized the tip I am going to give you now, I still need to document it for the remaining ones.

Here is a win-win outcome for you. You have got an amazing deal as far as learning life is concerned. If you get great teachers, you will benefit a lot from their expertise and teaching style. However, if you get bad teachers, they will pave your way towards becoming an advanced self-learner. I would rather prefer the latter if I went back to school now.

Here is my logic: there is nothing better than this in today’s world because globalization along with scientific revolution has sped up the pace of change in all aspects of our societies. Graduates of traditional education system are getting left far behind (although they do possess some desirable professional skills) while self-learners can understand and connect concepts from diverse fields giving them a significant advantage over linear learning. Remember it was information that took the mankind at the top of food chain and it was information that took some societies to the top of world dominance while eliminating others. New kind of information, again, will be the key in deciding between winners and losers.

Eric Hoffer said:

In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

So yes, I hope that you get more poor teachers than excellent ones in today’s age. You will not regret having them.

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