For Relations Around Us

Train station

Every day I am going to my city office on a train. I am returning home in the evening through the same route. Each time I see an ocean of people around me in the train station. I see the train carriages full of people during the rush hours. All these faces are unknown to me, and to some extent, unimportant. On the same note, I am unknown to them, and to some extent, unimportant.

The story is different when I reach home. Just on ringing the doorbell, I hear a scream of joy from a little boy and then there is a sound of footsteps running towards the door (3 to 5 years ago, exactly the same used to happen with two little girls). All 3 children are so happy to see my face, the same unimportant one in the train. My wife greets me with a beaming smile. It is usually dinner time, the food is ready and we enjoy the time together.

All this means is the following: it is so easy to take the relations around us for granted and treat them through the lens of mere `rights’ and `wrongs’. We must remember that we are special to these people and they are special to us. They deserve respect and love, even when they are sometimes wrong in our eyes, just like we expect to be treated with utmost respect even when we are wrong in their eyes. It never hurts to frequently let them know how much we value them, appreciate their presence and admire their roles in shaping the stories of our lives.

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