Why First Born Children are Likely to Fare Better

First child carving out their own path

There have been several research studies around the world on the first born children being smarter and more successful than their siblings. There have been several theories suggested why this is the case, some of which are the following.

  1. They enjoy more time with their parents and the quality of that time is also better as parents are more focused and less distracted with just one child to care for.
  2. They have to teach their younger siblings many things which translates into better learning skills for their own selves, even if it is as simple as helping them in homework problems.
  3. They are naturally more responsible because human mind works on comparison. The first child is little only for their parents and bigger for their younger siblings. Hence, they are expected to do more tasks for their own selves and for their siblings, even if it is as simple as tying their shoelaces.
  4. All parents have rules (that can be different) which are in general strictly implemented for the first child. Parental discipline is key to academic success and good behaviour. With each new children added to the family, the rule implementation keeps getting relaxed.

My opinion is that all of these factors probably contribute their part in the whole theory. There is one factor, however, related to creativitiy that I have found missing in these theories. When one gets a step-by-step procedure to do something by following the instructions, it builds one kind of experience. However, the person who has come up with the step-by-step guide by trying different routes and discovering the correct/better among them has built another kind of experience that rewires the neurons in the brain, reveals a bigger picture and transcends the person to a higher level of thinking.

This I think is the main power bestowed by nature upon the first child: they become able to carve out tangible routes and results from completely unknown and unforeseen circumstances.

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