Finding the Purpose of Life

The oldest question the human race on earth has faced is to find the purpose of life. The attempts to answer this question have a history spread over thousands of years from thousands of perspectives. Recently, I came across a very good poem written by Stan Hayward that focuses on the same question in a very unique way.

If you are a hammer
then everything is a nail

If you are a nail
expect to get hit
and don’t complain

If you are a butterfly and meet a hammer
you will be

The question makes a common and wrong assumption…

That YOU have a purpose in life


You do not have a purpose in life

Life has a purpose in you

Life could not care less
whether you live or die
whether you are smart or stupid
whether you are ugly or beautiful
whether you are rich or poor
whether you are young or old
whether you are healthy or ill
whether you are striped or polka dotted
whether you laugh with delight or scream with despair

Life only cares
that you carry it
pass it on
promote it
succour it
protect it

Life has one purpose only
the seeking of available energy

That is all
nothing else
there never was
there never will be

If you don’t understand that you will never understand anything

Life has no interest in your
silly games
Arts or Sciences
Victories or defeats
Undying loves, or burning hates

Life does not care
if you stand on a thousand pedestals and be praised in every land
anymore than it cares
if you die alone, forgotten in some arid desert, bleached by the sun

You are the purpose of life

Life does not ponder on you
Species come and go
Some swim, some fly,
Some seek gold at the ends of rainbows
Life does not care
so long as it continues

Ask the wind why it blows
Ask the river why it flows
Ask the Sun why it glows
Ask the cloud why it snows
Ask the grass why it grows
then ask Life what it knows

Stan Hayward

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