Finding Extra Hours for Personal Growth

My very first article on this website was about the cost of wasting an hour. It turned out that the cost of wasting just one hour a day is around 2 months of our productive life every year. This is in an era when almost everyone complains about an unhealthy work life balance, i.e., too much busyness.

Yet another simple calculation reveals something different. We can break down 24 hours in a single day as follows.

  • Sleep: 8 hours
  • Work: 8 hours
  • Travel: 2 hours (some travel more, many travel far less)
  • Meals + miscellaneous activities: 2 hours
  • Relaxation/Family time: 2 hours

When we total all the above, we spend around 22 hours in doing these activities. Therefore, excluding some exceptional cases, most of us have approximately 2 extra hours each day. Some will have a little less but most will have even 3 hours available. This time can be utilized to accomplish whatever ambitious goals we can set for our lives. This can include attaining amazing health, running a side business, establishing strong relationships or learning new skills for fun or career advancement.

Rather than 14 hours/week, we can spend 3 extra hours each on Saturdays and Sundays and can complete 20 hours/week for our side hustle. This will become equal to half of the effort as compared to any full time work and we can pursue any of the above goals through proper focus and effort. The only thing to remain careful about is to maintain corresponding energy for the set tasks. I will write about energy management in a later article.

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