Exchanging Junk

The word barter is defined as ”exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.” I am increasingly witnessing a barter trade of junk through our minds into our eyes that is getting abundant and easier with technology. For example, I find most social media platforms, particularly WhatsApp and Facebook, quite toxic in this sense. One thinks of, or mostly receive, a junk message in some form, text, photo or video, and they forward it to some groups containing many tens of members or share it on Facebook. These tens of contacts or ‘friends’ now read or watch the same junk and many forward it again. The chain continues.

Many a times, we even don’t like the joke/video. Sometimes we do. In any case, imagine a person who is busy doing important work. He checks his messages and finds that the deep thoughts about that critical matter developed in his brain are now replaced by some useless junk. It is difficult to drill that deep hole into the brain immediately again and the junk message is left to keep vibrating in that space.

At other times, you are spending time with the family. In some moment, you decide to check the social media. And then you are practically gone into the online world, even though physically you are still sitting with them.

I am holding on to WhatsApp due to connectivity with family and friends I get from it. My solution is to check the messages 3 or 4 times a days, and never before starting any important activity that involves deep thinking.

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