Effect of Basis Vectors on a Life

The space in geometry is defined by three basis vectors: x, y and z. When we observe any physical object, we are locating its x, y and z coordinates. For example, the device on which you are reading these lines has a certain position on earth identified by its GPS coordinates. No physical object can move outside this 3 dimensional boundary.

A human life is also defined by certain basis vectors, some of which are their place and era of birth, people around it and their philosophies. Most of these basis vectors cannot be changed. Family stays the same forever, new friends can be made but usually they are also constrained by the same conditions due to a common location. It is said that migrating to a new place can improve a person’s life. This is because it changes some of these basis vectors, namely the location and people around, though the time/era cannot be changed (until we invent that elusive time machine).

I think that a person’s ambitions and goals in life should also be treated as one of those vectors. This allows a person who cannot move their location, time and people around to still achieve a significantly better quality of life than otherwise possible.

Imagine two persons living at the same place at the same time. Only one of them wants to do something higher than a mere existence like all the average people around. Here, a passionate dedication to these goals moves one forward with persistent energy to a different level. With time, the two persons will not stay the same, the gap between their lives’ impact will widen and so will their quality of lives.

Other basis vectors are given by nature. This one can be chosen by any person himself or herself. This idea then becomes fairly refreshing and liberating.

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