Eat More or Eat Slow

In most of the aspects in life, we associate enjoyment with more. In this post, I will discuss that this is seldom true. Take food for example.

When we are hungry or really like something, we focus on eating it more. This is because the longer we keep eating, the more we enjoy. In this process, it is easy to wrongly conclude that more joy came from eating more.

In reality, this was the amount of time spent in fun mode that was important. Looking from this perspective, if we eat the same food at a slow speed with full presence for approximately the same time as before, this has the potential to generate the same amount of pleasure or more. The crucial difference, however, is that the amount of food we eat is now significantly less. And this is what makes all the difference to our health, weight and energy levels. In fact, it is said that the signal generated by the mind at the point of satisfaction arrives around 20 minutes after we start eating regardless of how much we eat. So next time when you are in hunger mode, remember that you have both options available: you can eat longer by eating too much or too slow. The latter option is clearly beneficial.

A similar reasoning can be applied to most other forms of entertainment. You might think that most people already know this strategy and I shouldn’t have wasted one blog post on this topic. I on the other hand think that it is too easy to go with the flow when the food is present. Getting a reminder of these kinds of simple messages reinforces the idea in our brain and saves us from eventual harms.

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