Covering the Ground by Foot

Usually if I have to go somewhere, I always think about the time it will take to reach there. If I can manage, I prefer walking that distance.

Gradually I have started to appreciate the little benefits that come with covering a distance by foot, instead of a vehicle.

  1. It slows us down: With everything happening so fast around us, walking towards a destination truly slows us down. We spend a significant part of our day with a packed schedule, around electronic gadgets or other screens and in fast vehicles. As soon as I start walking, I really feel the time slowing down, particularly if the distance is long.
  2. Thinking time with yourself: Some time for thinking alone every day is vital for most of our projects. Usually I am doing tasks as if generated by a task queue. One gets done and other is lined up. Walking alone enables me to move away from this blind cycle and lets me think on what is important. Moreover, if I have to solve a deep problem, there is probably nothing better than a walk in the nature.
  3. Exercise: Needless to say, which exercise is guaranteed to not damage any of your limbs, cause any injury and most probable for you to keep doing till the end of your life? Cover the ground by foot and reap the benefits.
  4. Motivation: This is also a great symbol for picking up some motivation. When the destination is far away, it does not seem coming nearer. However, one foot at a time takes us closer, more closer, ……, and finally there. So it is a perfect exercise for patience game and moving towards a bigger goal.
  5. Connecting with previous souls: When I walk alone in the night around nature, I feel a connection with millions of humans that came millions of years before us. Those who did not have any technology and who used to roam around in fear before rising to the top of the food chain. They would have spent that dark night too, they would have seen the same moon and stars, and they would have felt the same massive loneliness in this planet within the vast open universe. The realization that one day I will be gone like them actually has quite a soothing effect on my mind.

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