Connect Early

In 2005, one of my best friends during 12 schooling years passed away in London. It is difficult to forget such events and they remain with you throughout the rest of your life. Just a few days ago, I was planning to take my wife and kids to meet his mother who was living in his old home. The plan just remained a plan and it was kept being postponed due to other urgent non-essential issues that come up in daily life.

Today, however, I received the news that his mother has passed away. It was a saddening moment for me because now I would never be able to meet her. The thought that arose in my mind was that I would never be able to know how happy she would have been to meet my kids.

Catching up with just one person, even if phone or for a few minutes, will make us connect with 300+ of our friends/family/acquaintances in a year. We have to connect early before it is too late. For some of them, we would be glad that we had.

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