Collecting Gems along the Way

I don’t play video games now but when I used to play them as a child, almost all of them contained one task as an essential ingredient to successfully finishing it: the player had to collect gems and tokens along the way to either boost their energy, arsenal or score.

A few days ago, I realized that this is what we have to do in our daily routine as well. While we play this game of life, we must capitalize on the opportunities we encounter to improve our relationships, health and whatever is important to us along the way. I list some of these below.

  • I should smile while doing any activity and to the people; not only it is contagious but it also lightens up the whole environment including ourselves.
  • I should keep an eye to see if I can provide help to someone, no matter how small it is. Some little acts of kindness sometimes define a person’s life.
  • For parents, they can kiss a child along their way to anything. Nothing in the world comes close to the feeling of mutual love that develops in response.
  • While outside, looking at the sky for no reason is another such pearl. While too much is happening on the earth, the vastness of space, its stillness and the perspective it provides is priceless.

There can be other useful outcomes of this mindset as well.

  • If I am going to a place within 15 minutes of a walk, I should abandon the car and walk. This is my chance to get some light exercise, sunshine and/or fresh air, some time to ponder deeply or do nothing, importantly without allocating any specific timeslot to any of these activities.
  • If I enter a building where I have to go to any floor higher than the first, it is an opportunity to boost the heart rate and move the muscles by taking the stairs.
  • Passing by a water dispenser is an invitation to drink water, something we routinely forget in our busyness.

There can be many other examples like these but the concept is simple. These little gems go a long way towards carving an interesting life.

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