Building Contribution

One question everyone asks themselves is the right use of time. How should we know what to do out of N different projects or undertakings? The answer is immediately not clear. Each person has a unique path in life and hence the importance of goals varies across the spectrum. One person finds meaning in voluntary hours worked in a non-profit while another person is more satisfied creating jobs for others in a corporate model. Caring for preserving the environment is another example towards which more and more kids from the next generations will be turning in the future.

In this and many other areas of life, a simple rule that help is the following. Do the thing you are proud of looking back 20 or 30 years from now. Ordinary things might make you proud (e.g., helping someone on the street) but they do not constitute a few major accomplishments from which your life is defined. But once that part is done, what actually counts is the little things moving towards that goal.

As they say, the only constant in the world is change. Each day you wake up as a new person. Compared to the previous day, either you are becoming better or you are becoming worse at a micro level. This is why establishing good habits is so crucial for achieving anything. Atomic Habits by James Clear introduces a concept I particularly like which is called Habit Stacking. That means after you are done with one habit you are accustomed to, you can use it as an anchor to start a new habit. For example, you can do 10 push-ups after you brush your teeth every day (which is bound to happen). Habit stacking or not, strive to change for better every single day.

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