Batching the Tasks

Most people want some goals completed and corresponding tasks ticked off their list. So we naturally are interested in any hacks we find on time management. With the passage of time, conventional time management is being accompanied by the concept of energy management.

The basic premise of energy management is that man or woman is not a machine and cannot operate on indefinite resources of willpower and energy. Experts recommend that most important tasks need to be done when our energy levels are the highest and adjust other tasks accordingly.

This makes us think how much of our productivity depends on our mood in which case we leave the completion of tasks on chance: chance of hormones in our body coming to a balance where we perform peak work. Or should we need to control the recurring desires to procrastinate: the problem here is that our best work that flows from relaxed thinking does not always get a chance to surface.

I personally do the creative work like writing in the morning and tasks related to research and development during the day. These are the times when I mostly feel fresh and in the zone. Later part of the day is devoted to administrative tasks which require less critical thinking and can be done as if being followed from a manual. Friday afternoon to evening time can be fixed for either a weekly review or can be left unplanned for reading and thinking about completely unrelated knowledge that sparks creativity and unexpected connections. If you feel trapped by the consistent urge to check social networks, it is best to fix a lot of time, say 20 or 30 minutes, altogether in a batch to satisfy this desire once and for good. Choose a time of the day when you usually feel the most unproductive.

In engineering terminology, a close analogy is a waterfilling strategy where in an uneven vessel, more water is present at the deeper parts and less water at the higher parts such that the final water level is still straight.

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