Badminton and Meditation

Badminton court

Life in every stage presents a lot of challenges. Students have many subjects to cover, professionals have to juggle many balls to maintain a healthy work-life balance, parents have a never-ending list of tasks, and so on. When a feeling of being overburdened sets in, it is difficult to get rid of it. Even during the course of a single day, multitasking can create a similar kind of anxiety.

Meditation is a great tool to connect with your soul and tap into that inner calmness. However, it is usually taken as one big dose at a designated time of the day. That reminds me of badminton.

In badminton, the most fundamental skill to master the game is to return to the center of the court every time after after playing a shot (unless you are very confident where the opponent will play the next shot). This is shown in the figure above.

Similarly, I feel that meditation should also be done at any time during a day between two unrelated activities. Even a 5 minute meditation can fill the gap while switching from one big task to another and can help in lessening the pressure and increasing the sense of tranquility. It is like coming back to a solid base from where everything can be done better, done right and done with peace.

Do try to integrate meditation in everyday life. It is a great energy booster, not to mention numerous other benefits it brings.


  1. Shibu G

    Article is about meditation in badminton. Please change the picture of tennis court.

  2. Nick Hinton (Post author)

    I just changed the picture. Thank you for pointing this out.

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