And Implanting the Ideas

In a previous post, I described how are inadvertently programming the minds of people around us through our words and actions. The next thought was how to deliberately implant your idea into someone’s head where you desire a particular course of conduct out of someone with their own choice. Note that this is different than forcing someone to do what you want either through physical or other manipulative means. Instead, it is more about guiding someone as a leader for the betterment of everyone involved, none more so than the target himself or herself.

In my experience, an increased response to suggestion is directly proportional to how well the information is implanted into their heads. For this purpose, one simple and most widely used technique is repetition. For example, this is how kids are trained to adapt the habit of brushing their teeth.

In addition, the factor of surprise plays the foremost role. The more surprising an information is, the deeper it gets by breaking into the regular patterns of our thinking process and the more chances there are of its stay within our conscious and subconscious world. So one way to influence another person to act in a certain matter is by injecting a dose of surprise along with the information.

Organizations regularly use these techniques for marketing their products. The most successful advertisements tend to be appearing again and again (repetition) while they usually contain unexpected ideas (surprise).

One more factor that plays a part is the diversity of information. If it is coming from multiple sources, we gradually tend to start taking it as the correct way and change our habits to align with it.

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