Accepting Mistakes

It is natural to think of ourselves as shining beacons of truth and infallibility. There is something in our minds that prevents us from accepting and acknowledging our mistakes. When I find it difficult, I just do what I do with all difficult things. I go ahead and do it.

As often perceived, an apology is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of being human and a road to improvement. By far the biggest roadblock in the life of many people — which does not let them progress and look further — is a lack of attitude to accepting their mistakes. Always remember: if there is no acceptance of a problem, there is no solution to the problem. Similarly, if we do not have the courage to accept where we went wrong, we will never reach the point where we can look inside ourselves and refine our rough edges. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and accepting them opens up the opportunity to implement the lessons learned.

It also keeps the ego in check and delivers a much needed dose of humility. Finally, apologizing for things where one is not even wrong has other benefits too. It compensates for several other occasions where we are wrong and do not even know about it. It is also the shortest path to peace in many relationships. Giving up the need to be right all the time brings an incredible amount of freedom with it.

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