A Special Question

Sometimes I think of the following question.

Which of the following is true?

  1. Do I use my mind to do a certain set of tasks based on my plans?
  2. Does my mind control a frame equipped with arms and legs (i.e., my body) to accomplish what it wants?

If (1) is true and I am using my mind, where am “I” in this picture? I am made of a certain number of physical items such as a mind, heart, legs, blood, nerves, etc. Certainly my mind is not me, then do I have another component that I can define as “I”? If it is the soul, where is it and if it is “my” soul, where am I again?

If (2) is true, then I am just another thing on the planet like a rock or a tree. Not only it is quite sad but this also raises the question: why do sometimes I don’t want to do what it says?

I am sure that philosophers have answered this question hundreds of years ago. However, I still like to one day encounter a delightful answer.

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