A Screen-Free Day

During the coronavirus, the average time one spends on the screen has significantly increased. There are many factors contributing to the trend of less screen-free time.

  • Time spent for travel to and from the office
  • Time for Dropping off and picking up the kids from the schools
  • Conversations with colleagues and in-person meetings
  • Expectation from the employers to remain available for work (since the employee is already at their home and home usually means rest instead of work)

This is in addition to the time spent on entertainment on screens such as movies, shows and social media. Virtually, when we are getting tired, we are doing more of the same!

I have even felt a strain on my eyes and redness developing due to this excessive screen time. In light of these observations, I decided to spend a completely screen-free day on this Sunday. As you would expect, the results were very relaxing not only for my eyes but also for my mind and body as well. Looking at greenery for long periods of time during an outside trip helped a lot in resetting and refreshing my system. I spent my evening on meditation and even on doing nothing. I also hanged around my family for a duration longer than usual.

If you are experiencing an overload of screen time in any form, I would suggest taking a screen-free day on a Sunday and observe the results. Whenever the virus goes away, the world is not going to be the same again. I expect that with much increased durations spent on the screens, the World Health Organization (WHO) will soon announce a world screen-free day on a certain date, just like we have mother’s day and labour day for the betterment of the society. In my opinion, this date could be April 1 as a commitment from our side that we are not going to be fooled by gradual happenings around us. Instead, we will slow down to think and decide what the best course of action is from here onwards. This is even more important for our children who have to deal with such inventions for decades to come.

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