A New World

One night, Mr. J went to sleep in his room at his usual time. However, he was kidnapped by some aliens from a far away planet during the middle of the night. They had blazing fast shuttles traveling at half the speed of light. When he woke up, he found himself in their planet, a completely unknown place for him.

He saw giant sized aliens all around walking upside down on their hands. Well, he started walking on his feet but two aliens rushed towards him and tried to force him to walk like them: On his hands. This was something he obviously couldn’t do. They also explained something to him but he didn’t understand their language. He tried to clarify them how walking on feet is a much reasonable method but unfortunately they didn’t understand him as well.

He was feeling hungry by this time and asked for food. Even though no one could actually comprehend what he said, some immediately realized that he was hungry. Food was brought and he started eating with his hands. However, he was again scolded by a big alien who pointed towards his feet. Sure enough, he looked around and saw everyone eating with their feet. “I can never do that”, he shouted and screamed but nobody listened to him and eventually he had to do what everyone was doing.

Weeks passed by and he came to know more and more about customs and habits of those aliens. He learned, for example, that the name of their planet was Planet StrangeRulesosus.

They used to make their artwork on the walls and sleep on tree branches while standing up. Staring directly into the sun was their custom and everyone had to do it once a day. There were a lot of things he was not even allowed to touch. Sometimes when he went out to explore around, they encouraged him for some activities but scolded for most others. “How can I learn if I don’t experiment?”, he thought to himself one day.

The clock slowly kept ticking. He was putting more and more effort in learning about their world as fast as he could. He could for example walk on his hands after a year there and could sleep standing up on a tree. In fact, in his opinion, he was doing great as compared to the day he arrived there.

Although his hosts were kind to him and never hurt him physically, they were always loud into his ears explaining their rules whenever he was not listening and conforming properly. When asked about any reasons, they seemed to say, “Because we said so!”

One day, he felt too stressed out and cried, “Let me go. I don’t understand your world and never will.” It is unclear whether they understood what he said or not. It is also irrelevant whether he woke up from his sleep, or the aliens actually dropped him back in his room during the night. What is important is that when he opened his eyes, he saw his whole family standing by his bedside.

Without uttering a word, he stood up, hugged his 18 months old son tightly and asked for forgiveness.

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