A Good Race to the Less

Our world is increasingly becoming focused on more. With competition everywhere, more is always required. More money, more love, more stuff, more prestige, and so on. It is very difficult for a person born in a disadvantaged position (e.g., in a poor family who cannot afford education, women in certain societies, suffering from permanent illness) to compete in a game of more. In addition, even for an average member of the society, this kind of race only causes stress and worry.

What if we change our mindset and observe that a healthy competition requires going towards less and less in many aspects of life.

  • After a certain age, people who eat less gain a significant advantage over those who eat more, particularly in the modern societies where the likelihood of death from obesity is higher than that from starvation.
  • A person who speaks less enjoys far more tranquillity than those who speak more. This not only results in peace in the personal space but also in maintaining good relationships around.
  • With less consumption of material stuff, we can help ourselves by avoiding putting too many chains around our necks. Plus, we can help the environment immensely by keeping our footprint small on this earth.

A race to more is without upper bounds. A race to less is much clearer and creates a win-win situation all around. This might be counter-productive in our modern capitalist societies where growth is everything but sooner or later humankind will have to return and fix the problems created by the `more’ culture.

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