A Few Good Points

At his last day in office, my former boss mentioned some of the lessons he learned in life. I am sharing some of the key points from his speech.

  • Friends are important. While our main priorities are health, family and career, friends play a very important role in our old age. To enjoy that time, it is important to keep spending time with them during earlier years.
  • Small houses start looking better. While big houses are attractive, they are often a source of more loneliness in the old age when the children are gone and everything seems empty.
  • Stress kills the most. In today’s society, you have a good chance of living a longer life but for that to happen, one must protect themselves against stress. All lives end and most causes of our stress eventually turn out to be insignificant in our greater story of life.
  • Love and kindness get most of the jobs done. There is no need to find unethical or unkind routes.
  • Communication skills are very important. If there is one skill you must learn as early as possible, it is your communication skills. Your family relations, friendships and careers heavily depend on it.

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