A Different Kind of Gadget

In the market these days, there are several different types of gadgets available that can measure and report our blood pressure, heart rate and other such vital signs. The advancement in medicine and signal processing sciences have brought us to the threshold of significantly novel interactions with technology.

One idea I have often thought about is that of a general purpose gadget that helps us in the following manner. Doctors and biologists at this stage almost know what kind of diet intake (which substances to be precise) is ideally required for a person of certain age, sex and condition. It is also known which multivitamins and hormones an ideal human body needs at different stages. With this knowledge at hand, a gadget can be built that monitors our whole body 24/7 and informs us when to eat the food or drink the juice whose ingredients are required at that time. At a personal level, this gadget keeps running feedback loops that measure our intakes, compare them with the ideal diet for that person and output the difference between them. This functionality can be extended to exercise and it can suggest us exercises which are required for a certain body part at that time.

This kind of interaction between biology and technology can give rise to a generation that is always healthy, energetic and full of youthful exuberance. Since low energy levels at worst give rise to seemingly significant problems in our lives or at best prevent us from solving them, this generation will have better work output, better relationships and a better sense of overall wellbeing.

I hope that someone can make this a reality some day.

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