A Different Circle of Life

A different circle of life

The circle of life is a symbolic representation of birth, survival and death (reference.com).

It is a nature’s way of taking — and then giving back — life to earth, which implies that when one being dies, it gives life to another. Consequently, it is only the energy that remains and changes forms from one to another.

But this circle is not the topic of this article. Here, I will talk about a different circle of life shown in Figure above. The concept is very simple: we spend most of our life escaping from the present moment: this moment shown in the circle. Instead, on the one hand, most of us are living into the worries of the future and regrets/sorrows of the past. This is shown in the forward and backward arrows emanating from the now circle. On the other hand, most people delve too much into social comparisons, looking at the people above with envy and below with disdain. This is illustrated in the above and below arrows emanating from the current circle.

This led me to the answer of the great question: what is life? Life is what is happening within this circle. A person laser focused on this circle is bound to get rid of the baggage from the past, social comparisons, and concerns for the future. It becomes a good life, even if not the happiest one.

The alternative is not pretty. Escaping this circle by jumping above or backward/forward can break it — actually hanging the person in the middle. The best strategy is to stay in the present, enjoy what is out there and keep doing the best.

There is another benefit of staying in the zone. Extreme focus slows down the time, as opposed to our everyday saying: how fast the time is flying!

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