A Centralized Analogy

Long long ago, people used to walk around barefooted. The shoes had not been ‘invented’ then. Once upon a time, a King decided to visit the stretches of his land and find out how the common people were living their lives.

There was a huge wave around the country regarding this visit. Among other preparations, his advisors decided to think of a solution such that the King did not have to walk barefooted on such a momentous journey.

The solution they came up with was that the cows were to be slaughtered and their skins laid on the dirt paths, ensuring that the King’s feet did not bear any inconvenience. Thousands of cows were put down for this purpose and their skins laid on the ground.

A wise person somewhere saw all this nonsense and commented that if just one skin was used to tie around the King’s feet, the kingdom had not lost its animals in such large quantities.

I know that this story seems utterly laughable in today’s age. However, when I see the people centrally heating and cooling their whole environment around them, I think of the above tale. Couldn’t they have the same, or more, warmth by wearing a sweater or a jacket? Then, wherever they will go, they will find the place warm, rather than ever expanding rooms and halls that need to be centrally heated. During the summers, light clothes can be worn and window can be used for more ventilation.

Even if such arrangements do not completely satisfy our desirable levels of heat/cold, remember that it is not necessary to maintain a temperature of 18C constantly throughout the year. Varying amount of heat and cold are also helpful for the body to maintain its natural immune systems.

Just like we can laugh about the shoes story now, a day will come when generations in a not too distant future will laugh on us regarding our desire to centrally control the temperature around us.

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