9 – Healthy Food

This is the eleventh post in the series of Daily Habits, which is about a listing of useful habits that should be a part of a productive person’s daily routine. To read, you can start here.

Quality input into any manufacturing process is an essential ingredient for a quality output. Similarly, healthy food into the body generates the kind of energy and harmony that is necessary to keep the engine running. There is so much information available on this topic that it is not really necessary to write in detail. A few simple points to remember are following.

  • A pizza and burger will not kill you today. However, taking these kinds of bad decisions will have long term irreversible effects on your health. At an older age, all the healthy food and exercise will not be able to completely and magically cure the resulting diseases.
  • Eating out frequently might seem easy now, but as with all easy stuff, the cost is losing something intangible (good health in this case).
  • Just like other habits, start small by making at least one fruit and vegetable a part of your daily diet and be consistent. Grow from there.
  • Two rules I like about choosing healthy food are
    1. Only eat the food grown on plants, not manufactures in plants.
    2. Refuse to eat what your great grandparents fail to recognize as food.

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