4 – Take Cold Shower

This is the sixth post in the series of Daily Habits, which is about a listing of useful habits that should be a part of a productive person’s daily routine. To read, you can start here.

Taking a cold shower after drinking a lot of water is one of my favorite habits for several reasons. Initially I thought that I would never be able to stand under such cold water in my life and the first three days were really tough as well. But now I do it without even thinking. It is difficult to describe which of its benefits is better than the others. Nonetheless, it is the last one about fear which pumps me up the most.

  1. Irrespective of the weather and its intensity, spending a few minutes under cold shower early in the morning is difficult for most people. It becomes even more punishing during ice-cold months. One has to become mentally tough like a military person to make it a habit. However, as a payback, it is a great practice for overcoming one’s desire even in the weakest of moments. This practice will help you conquer your desire for procrastination during the evening, when the willpower is low and there are still important tasks to do. Every day every time.
  2. Taking a cold shower early in the morning makes you alert and removes the lazy feelings running inside the body right after waking up. Furthermore, it provides a clarity of mind and a sense of fresh start to life. If you stay at home for early morning work, it will also prevent you from going back to bed.
  3. A great environmental benefit of cold showers is that there is no energy spent on heating the water. Multiply it with the number of people on earth and it is a huge benefit. Sometimes I think that our great grandchildren will not remember us in kind words when they will face diminishing energy resources and will come to know that their great grandparents used to spend energy on heating water and keeping their rooms hot or cold to feel a predetermined temperature on their delicate skins.
  4. A cold shower is a symbol of stepping out of your comfort zone once a day and perhaps at the start of the day. Since everything desirable obviously comes through going into unfamiliar and hence uncomfortable areas, this mastery over self starts reflecting itself into a person’s whole lifestyle.
  5. The most important benefit of a cold shower is a gradual retreat of fear that exists within all of us. That courage to step in very cold water falling from above gradually transcends above this ritual and starts creeping in our everyday thoughts and habits. Defeating this hidden fear is the single most point of change any human can wish for, if they know the pay-offs.

As a bonus, it also reminds me that all adversities are like cold showers. They start strong, seem unpleasant at the start but with time get easier. ..and easier. ..and easier. Persistence wins!

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