2 Ways to Become More Creative

Creativity is both a science and an art. I don’t know much about it but I have found the following 2 ways to be the most helpful.

  1. Apply 80/20 Rule: As in many areas of life, 80/20 rule can be applied to creativity. Simply stated,
    • Produce a reasonable amount of stuff regardless of the quality
    • Go back for an impartial review
    • Assign a rating
    • Discard the lower 80% and keep the higher 20%
    • Repeat the cycle.

    And that’s it. Moreover, this 20% will (hopefully) get better over time.

  2. Open Up: Creativity comes with releasing, not holding tight (opinions, grudge, money, whatever). One has to let go to enable the flow.

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  1. Yasir

    “Defining a method” for “creativity” doesn’t feel right. Creativity is somewhat about going against defined methods. When you go against “defined methods”, you find something creative & innovative

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