11 – Miscellaneous

This is the thirteenth post in the series of Daily Habits, which is about a listing of useful habits that should be a part of a productive person’s daily routine. To read, you can start here.

There are some other good habits that can be broken down into separate posts. However, since they are not a part of our daily routine but a list of To Do’s and Not To Do’s, I list them here briefly.

  • Write something every single day. It is best to keep a journal about any topic you like. Writing has a very special link to the mind and a great boost to creativity.
  • Record day’s productive output activity and exercise count at the end of work day or before sleeping. Remember, it is very difficult to improve what you cannot measure.
  • Use your weak hand at least for some tasks, e.g., brushing the teeth, using the computer mouse. It will help you in unexpected ways.
  • Minimize the time looking at screens (TV, phone) that is already too much. This is what we are doing for work, for entertainment, for communication, and for many other tasks. Count a break as something that is away from the screen. Spend time with nature, or family, or maybe doing nothing.
  • During the work, forget about entertainment. Then, after working hard, completely break away from it. Forget about productivity. The key to doing this is by being productive first. Otherwise you will not be able to enjoy fully because you will remember what is left in work. Similarly, when you will be working, you will remember how you didn’t enjoy your play to the fullest extent. It is just like the pedals of a bicycle that have to be pressed in turn. If you push both at the same time, you will almost always stand still.
  • It is difficult to exercise self-control throughout the day. Simply keep the distractions out of your reach.
  • Disconnect your data connection and use your phone less.
  • Do not check messaging apps again and again. It will completely shred your productive mental state.
  • And to be completely honest, opt out of social media if you can, until at least for a period of time where you start controlling your life and steering it towards a better future.
  • A question that can be raised here is that out of all the habits discussed, which one is the most important. When I was writing each post, I thought it to be the most significant while feeling the same when I moved to the next. Now when this series is completed, in my opinion, setting the goals can be the answer.

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