1 Day at a Time

During a meeting one morning, a colleague of mine who is in his late 50s looked tired and old. As if more wrinkles had appeared on his face overnight. Maybe result of a bad night’s sleep, I thought.

Then, I realized that old age can never happen overnight. It is always one day at a time. Maybe if we start valuing each day as much as we value one year, we might utilize our time and energy in a better way.

The problem is that we have a narrow scope of things in time domain. If a process is slow, we treat it as if it is not happening at all. We like movies because all is said and done within a short timeframe and we don’t have to wait for ages to see the outcome. We spend less time with our kids because they do not seem to be growing during a few days. Similarly, we don’t recognize our aging process until next year, when we make new resolutions and promises to break again.

The life is all clear today. To make it meaningful, break it down into 1 day at a time, or 1 week at a time. One year is too long a period for clarity, and no new resolution is going to last that long. Nevertheless, it can have an enormous effect on the present day.

Tonight, 20% of the week will be gone. Go ahead and apply your 1 day wiser self to accomplish something worthwhile in it.

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