The Hibernation Period

Hibernation period

There is a natural experiment going on in the world at an unprecedented scale. Imagine a psychology or behavioural sciences academic requesting more than a billion people to stay at home for a few months and monitor their lives. Not…
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A Parents’ Guide to Handling a Lockdown


A significant population in the world is currently locked down due to the escalating threat from Corona virus. Like most workers, I am also working from home these days. Being a parent of three kids who are also staying at…
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Connect Early

In 2005, one of my best friends during 12 schooling years passed away in London. It is difficult to forget such events and they remain with you throughout the rest of your life. Just a few days ago, I was…
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On Apocalypto


It might be strange to mention a movie on a website like this. But movies are a form of art and some of them are so mind blowing that they leave an unforgettable impression on our thought process. I recently…
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Transformation through Tiny Habits

Tiny Habits

B. J. Fogg is a behavior scientist at Stanford University. He has written an excellent book Tiny Habits on transforming the habits through tiny changes by using a simple three-step formula known as ABC of tiny habits. Anchor: The great…
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Children are People Too

Children are people too is a great parenting book by Louise Porter from which I learned a lot when my kids were born. Here are some of the important takeaways from the book. Fundamentals of a guidance approach – There…
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Formal vs Informal Clothes

Formal wear

It seems common knowledge that professionals wear business suits in work settings, meetings and conferences. Any less than that and the person seems to have a non-serious attitude about work. On the other hand, engineers and programmers are often known…
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From Zero to One

Some of the key ideas from the great book Zero to One: Notes on Start Ups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel are described below. 1. Zero to one: Doing more of what we already know takes…
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The E-Myth Revisited Summary

‘The E-Myth Revisited – Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It’ is a popular book by Michael Gerber that identifies some fatal mistakes committed by small business owners and entrepreneurs followed up by corresponding solutions….
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What Makes Humans Different?


This is a question each child asks. What is the main distinguishing factor between us, the humans, and the rest of the living organisms, particularly the animals? It turns out that this difference did not originate from a single characteristic….
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