The Hibernation Period

Hibernation period

There is a natural experiment going on in the world at an unprecedented scale. Imagine a psychology or behavioural sciences academic requesting more than a billion people to stay at home for a few months and monitor their lives. Not…
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A Parents’ Guide to Handling a Lockdown


A significant population in the world is currently locked down due to the escalating threat from Corona virus. Like most workers, I am also working from home these days. Being a parent of three kids who are also staying at…
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For Students

Due to the coronavirus, most schools and universities have quickly shifted their teaching programs online and the students have this tough task of actual learning in a non-physical environment for the first time. Over time, you will go back to…
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Virus Interface

Two viruses

The recent coronavirus pandemic has altered the world forever as well as our ways of thinking. Governments and organizations will perform planning and preparation in a different manner from now onwards. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the…
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Connect Early

In 2005, one of my best friends during 12 schooling years passed away in London. It is difficult to forget such events and they remain with you throughout the rest of your life. Just a few days ago, I was…
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And Implanting the Ideas

In a previous post, I described how are inadvertently programming the minds of people around us through our words and actions. The next thought was how to deliberately implant your idea into someone’s head where you desire a particular course…
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Programming a Person’s Mind

With every word we speak and every action we perform, we are inadvertently programming the minds of the people around us. This is important not only for the parents whose kids are watching their every move and absorbing their each…
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High Performance Habits

My first impression of Brendon Burchard was just a regular productivity coach who manages to get some photos taken with the celebrities and leverages them to promote his average work. Any person who uses his photos with celebrities to come…
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On Apocalypto


It might be strange to mention a movie on a website like this. But movies are a form of art and some of them are so mind blowing that they leave an unforgettable impression on our minds. I recently watched…
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Transformation through Tiny Habits

Tiny Habits

B. J. Fogg is a behavior scientist at Stanford University. He has written an excellent book Tiny Habits on transforming the habits through tiny changes by using a simple three-step formula known as ABC of tiny habits. Anchor: The great…
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